Global Cultural Creative Values Promote Local Identity

GlobeTracker| In the last decades, citizens of the world have cried ‘foul’ that the forces of globalization — especially from America —  would not only pollute local identities but wipe them out.

It’s true that globalization has wrecked change and blessings on local communities. It has given rise to political niches and fanatics, often polarizing societies not with reasoned viewpoints but with rhetoric, threats and rising fundamentalism.

Simultaneously, individuals have previously unknown opportunities to share local cultures and to bond with individuals worldwide. In writing D.I.Y. culture from Berlin for the NYTimes, Michael Kimmelman argues that cultural homogeneity isn’t proliferating as feared. Instead localism is celebrated globally.

While the media focus is on fundamentalism and conservatism ideologies that profess a contamination of decent Traditional values, what we call the Cultural Creative values are thriving among peoples curious about each other. Read on at NYT.