Recalling Lubna Hussein | Young Woman Flogged 'Live' In Sudan | Dec 2010 | 40,000 More?

Beyond the Veil| The topic of flogging women in Sudan exploded again today, with this video transmitted out of the country through the same group of men that Anne worked with on Lubna Hussein’s case. The video is horrible and not only chilling in its barbarity, but in the laughter of the men, who treat this young woman like an animal.

If this is justice in Sudan, it is nauseating. Several people who worked on Lubna’s case have returned to focus on this issue. If they can get the information out of the country we will help them expose what ‘ordinary’ women live with on a daily basis in Sudan.

In this second video, a young woman is accosted by the morality police. It appears to take about eight of them in a pickup truck to see if her pants are too tight. She protests calmly. After the morality police, enforcing #152 decency laws in Khartoum, ‘feel her up’ which is part of the determination of whether or not her pants are too tight, they dump her in the truck.

Frequently the girls are taken to court and flogged immediately. Over 40,000 women in Sudan were flogged in this way last year in Sudan.Over 40,000 women in Sudan were flogged in this way last year in Sudan. We will updating our stories tomorrow.

Arresting Young Woman for Breaking #152 Law In Sudan. Will She Be flogged?