World AIDS Day | Digital Death | Keep A Child Alive | Alicia Keys & Bono

Touring in Australia, Bono joined Prime Minister Julia Gillard to open World AIDS Day. Bathing Sydney Harbor in a red glow, the flares inspired Bono to plea for continued support of AIDS treatments and funding in spite of global economic woes.

In an effort to keep the Vatican from backtracking on Pope Benedict’s suggestion that the Catholic Church might modify its stance on condoms in certain circumstances, Carla Bruni Sarkozy publicly thanked the Pope on World AIDS Day, saying that she was “astonished, surprised and grateful”. 

The Vatican appeared to backtrack some from positions taken in the Pope’s new book, as concerned activists like Bruni hold his feet to the fire. Today’s article seems hopeful. If the Catholic Church doesn’t relent on condoms for women in AIDS-infected regions of the world, an Internet firestorm against Pope Benedict will occur at this point.

Clarifying his comments, the Vatican said the use of condoms use by men and women to prevent HIV could be an act of “responsibility”. via BBC News

Anne supports the Keep a Child Alive Campaign with monthly drugs for five AIDS children. We will update the Alicia Keys ‘Digital Death’ campaign, running currently to raise $1 million.