America Must Face the Future or Die A Slow, Agonizing Death

Tom Friedman writes that a serious third party is coming in America. Politicos say nada in response; it can’t raise the money and a third party isn’t needed. Well then, America dies.

The regressive, let’s go back to shooting bears in the wild, gun-toting, militia-run Tea Party is no vision for the future of America. We must be out of our minds — but then, thinking is no longer valued in the country. Intelligence = arrogance.

Friedman writes — and we agree — that there is no evidence that either Democrats or Republicans are prepared to take America into the future, because neither party will tackle the issues that must be confronted. Our elected leaders are prepared for America to die a slow, torturous death.

Rejecting the Wild West

America wasn’t founded in Alaska or Utah or Montana or Texas. This country was formed on the East Coast, where residents were’t shooting each other at the OK Corral. The Wild West is only one part of America, one of the last regions to join the Union, and yet it seems to dictate the vision of tomorrow’s America — which is a regressive, return to the wild America.

Going forward, Anne of Carversville will be broadcasting our message and analysis a few blocks from the Liberty Bell. Anne is determined to understand the principles of America where the vision of our country was actually formed, rather than in Conservative soundbites. She knows it to be a vision far more enlightened than the one broadcast by politicos and media.

Anne has set out to understand her country where it was formed — not in the Wild West — but in the East, where mama grizzlies didn’t roam freely. A degree of civilization and rational thought served as the founding of America, and it’s these ideas and principles that Anne seeks to understand and communicate to readers. Intelligence wasn’t despised at the time of the country’s founding.

Not to worry — our sensual lens will remain the same. Women didn’t have the vote when America was founded. Slaves didn’t have person status. Yet John Adams’ wife Abigail reminded him of at least the women’s inequality before the Declaration of Independence was signed, and abortion was legal. And Martha Washington was a ‘hot mama’ who owned significant property.

In one version of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson — largely discredited by Conservatives — condemned slavery, stating that any man who has “captured and imprisoned persons who never did anything wrong, violating that person’s right of life and liberty, has waged a cruel war against human nature itself”.

Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, and this clause was deleted from the final Declaration of Independence.

As always, Anne of Carversville is dedicated to the pursuit of intelligence thinking and analysis. Writing from new digs in Philadelphia, we will be spending a lot of time roaming the countryside, understanding the real ideas that formed this great nation, and not the most-recently-admitted-to-the-union versions of the facts.

We agree with Tom Friedman that time is running out for America. We hate politicians as much as the Tea Party does, because we are socially-involved, civic-minded business people and thinkers with conscience, we don’t believe that guns and God are the answer.

We agree there is no free lunch in America but we choose not to arm ourselves to the death and create log cabins in place of skyscrapers, technology and science.