Victoria's Secret Angel Wings Take On New Global Potential

RoseTracker| Anne is so moved by the Kanye West ‘Runaway’ film, coupled with the Russell James V2 images that just keep rolling in, that she has revised her view of Victoria’s Secret Angels potential.

Anne was an executive at VS for 10 years, lastly as the Fashion Director. She never embraced the Angels as a branding idea, believing they appealed to a Wall Street, male-centric vision of VS, when the brand already ‘owned’ the hearts and minds of millions of American women, who trusted Victoria’s lead on sensual matters in America.

Considering that the sexually-open young woman with multiple partners is the most sexually dysfunctional female in America, Anne believes that VS dropped the ball where it counts — in the bedroom.

Now these two minds just might be in sync again.

Anne proposes an entirely new ending for this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show, with the current Angels reborn as phoenix goddesses for the 21st century. The diamond bra gems are donated to global charities for women, and we bring VS back home to American women Shakira-style with Smart Sensuality moxie and a new fashion spirit. Read on: Dear Victoria’s Secret | We Need ‘Runaway’ Phoenix Wings

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