Rather than Pay Fine, Lubna Says She'll Take Prison

Updated: 8:38 am

The judge has ruled in the Lubna Ahmed Hussein case, fining her 500 SDP, about $250. A fine only was always an option, under the law.

If Lubna doesn’t pay the fine, she must go to jail for a month. My source says that Lubna has said she will go to jail.

The official press reports — see NYTimes — says that she will also appeal. I’m not clear about the timing of not paying the fine (which she tells confidantes she will not do under any circumstances), jail (which she says she will do); and the appeal process.

Remember her words “I want to change this law.” And remember also that this woman was called a prostitute on the streets of Khartoum this morning.

I have much more to say on this subject, now that Lubna’s judge has ruled. Anne