Lubna Ahmed Hussein's Trousers: A Good Look

Lubna Hussein’s trousers, a good lookThe London Times gives us a photo of the actual outfit that Lubna Hussein was wearing when arrested.It’s the first view I recall of the trousers from this angle.

CNN is calling her the ‘tight pants’ woman, which is truly disrespectful. I’ve never heard this term used in relation to Lubna’s dress, at the time of her arrest.

Lubna Ahmed Hussein has enough problems as a Sudanese feminist heroine, without being described in the western press as the ‘tight pants’ woman. CNN is using the term exclusively, in terms of major international media.

CNN also writes that her blouse was ‘too sheer’. When I Google that term, CNN is alone in using it. I don’t recall any report that Lubna’s blouse was deemed ‘too sheer’. We translated her tape from the night of her arrest, and she mentions neither ‘too sheer’ nor ‘tight pants’.

It’s the ambiguity of any definition for terms like ‘indecent’ that Lubna is protesting.

Read the London Times: Sudanese journalist jailed after refusing to pay fine for wearing trousers.