Two of Iran's Proposed Women Ministers Defeated, but Some Women Rejoice

In Iran, two of the three proposed women ministers were defeated yesterday. Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi was elected to oversee health. See Ahmadinejad Wins Approval of Key Cabinet Slots.

I wrote extensively yesterday about the proposed women ministers. See Iran’s Proposed Three Female Ministers Under Attack from All Sides.

The two proposed women ministers not elected were Fatemeh Ajorlou for the Welfare and Social Justice Ministry and Susan Keshavarz for the Ministry of Education. Note that although any women ministers were opposed by large numbers of men, progressive women’s rights groups in Iran didn’t support the women candidates either.

As we learned from many conservative women candidates in the America, being a woman does not mean that you support women’s rights. Your definition of women’s rights can put women “where they belong”, right back into their traditional roles.

I’m increasingly clear that progressive women are under attack internationally on all fronts, from fundamentalists of both genders.