Richard Branson's Plan to Blast Off from Planet Earth

Bogged down in accusations of  “liberal perfectionism” over in the International Women’s Rights Channel, I wrote this morning that I believe in the probability that we will go nuclear in the next 50 years. If we don’t blow up the world in our pursuit of Armageddon, there’s a host of environmental disasters staring down our throats.

Normally, I might not post Richard Branson’s interview with The Daily Beast, in which he talks about “Carbon War Rooms” and “green space travel”, but as I size up the volatile hatred in the world, and the fact that we only shout each other down and out — dialogue is impossible — perhaps we should listen up to Richard Branson’s exit plan from Mother Earth.

Alas, only the rich will be lucky to get off the planet, but I refuse to blame the situation only on the rich. When I read yesterday that Hamas officially denies the Holocaust happened, and must be stricken from the history books in Gaza, it’s time to take off my rose-colored happy glasses. And before you bolt on me, I’m sympathetic to the Palestinians. Read Branson Blasts Off: The Daily Beast. Anne