America Is a Pot-Growers Paradise

WSJ reports today that pot plantations are on the rise in America. Let’s stay out of the politics. I did write about this topic over the weekend: Sophisticated Hemp Goes Upmarket and Mainstream.

Large-scale pot growing flourishes in America’s parksWhat concerns me are the risks to people and the environment. WSJ reports that a “pot campsite” in California’s Los Padres National Forest burned 88,000 acres of forest last month.

The pot farms are not fly-by-night operations. Growers cut down trees and terrace canyons to create plantations big enough for tens of thousands of plants. They apply pesticides and herbicides — some not approved for U.S. use. They dam or divert streams and hook together miles of PVC piping to build irrigation systems, some rigged to sophisticated timers.

As pot growing expands, state and federal budgets are being slashed in law enforcement — giving the pot growers free rein. One wonders if it’s not time to … . . no, no … I’m staying out of politics. I’m in enough hot water in the International Women’s Rights channel.