BBC News Summary of Global Environmental Situation

25 things you can do for the environmentI just read this BBC overview on finding the center in climate change this week, here in New York and Pittsburgh.

There are three comments now — all damning — and I let you, the reader, decide if the article has any value or not.

For myself, I’m so overwhelmed by this entire subjec of environmental catastrophe, that it’s tough to find articles that do at least decent summations of one party’s viewpoint.

The comments reflect the stalemate that we’re in — that of industrialized countries not wanting to do anything to “harm” our own economies, which are already fragile, especially in America.

Looking for a photo, I just found this list of 25 small things that make a difference. Most I already do, but I share it with you. It seems that while governments hammer out enormously complex details, there are concrete things we can do. via BBC News

Here’s one list. Anne