STEM Disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math Bring Results for Today's Women

Professor Rebecca Alexander with Ph.D. student Veronica Casina: Still dealing with the same issue — why women are underrepresented in the sciences — from a century ago. via Wakeforest UniversityForbes Woman reminds us that the three women names CEO’s of the world’s biggest companies last year, all had science backgrounds. In Mythbusters: Who Says Women Can’t Do Math and Science? writer Hilary Stout calls out Carol Bartz, the tell-it-like-it-is new chief of Yahoo, as one of only two girls to take physics and advanced algebra in her rural Wisconsin high school.

Training in the STEM disciplines (science-technology-engineering-math) is arguably more important than an MBA these days, according to Forbes Woman.

At CEO level, Bartz is joined by Ursula Burns at Xerox and DuPont’s Ellen Kullman.

Bartz, Burns and Kullman are the most visible women scientists who are rising up through the ranks of corporate America, but there are plenty of others on the move. Read on.