What Stays and What Goes If We Abandon Jazz? You May Be Surprised

We’ve read lately that jazz is dying, suffering a precipitious dropoff in the last few years. Before we push the panic button, we must ask: “What is jazz?”

Living in the world of nuance and grey matter, I call the musical sound of Robert Glasper ‘jazz’. Woops, maybe not.

“People think jazz is something that happened in 1964,” Mr. Glasper said. “But, you know, not everybody gets ‘Take the A Train.’

Mr. Glasper and Stefon Harris, along with his band Blackout, may not be the real deal for jazz impressarios, but they have a strong following. Even to me, the entire concept of jazz is of a living, breathing, evolving music. Now I understand that jazz has a more premise definition and fusion may not be among its attributes — technically speaking.

Read on and listen: Jazz That Dwells in the Present. Anne