Virtual Vacations: Exploring the Globe Online

With a child-centric focus on travel, nature and vacations, NYTimes Frugal Traveler Matt Gross takes us  on a virtual web trip of learning opportunities, many of them new.

Exploring the virtual Great Barrier Reef.His nine-year-old daughter explores uncharted territories at Wonder (you will be asked to ‘get a pass - translated give them your email addy right away.) After reminding us that Second Life is alive and well, Gross highlights classic vacation trip planners with virtual-enhanced experience.

We visit a new Geeky website, a nine day digital roadtrip from Los Angeles to Richmond, Va., using Google Maps. The online video experience is produced with, which mixes multiple elements from the web like Flickr photos, Wikipedia entries, and YouTube videos.

On Sept. 12, sets off for New York. This virtual tour of New York City will be performed in front of a live audience.