Islam-Inspired Super Heroes Scour the Globe for Ecumenical Gemstones

Kuwaiti cartoonist Naif al-Mutawa’s creations “Noora the Light” and “Jabbar the Powerful” are so popular in the Islamic world that they will soon debut in their own TV series, inspired by “The 99” comic books.

The Islamic superheroes wear dashing, body-hugging, yet culturally-appropriate outfits.

Mutawa’s Noora, Jabbar and their fellow crime-busters aren’t depicted as a group of devout Muslims. Instead they’re a synthesis of East and West, secular do-gooders from 99 countries who use the hidden power of special Baghdad gemstones to make the world right again.

“The 99” is set to debut on TV.The gemstones reflect a collective knowledge from other civilizations, philosophers, and religions. via GlobePost