'Dramatic Silences' Fashion

In the post that follows, I explain why Donatella Versace is a Modern Woman’s designer, and not a Cultural Creative or Smart Sensuality one.

Comparing the Versace photos to these from Acne’s Spring 2010 presentation in London, the difference in styling and attitude is obvious. Serenity vs splash.

Acne Spring 2010 Runway via Style.comSweden may be high-tech, but the women are all Smart Sensuality and Cultural Creative in mindset.  To me this look is Cultural Creative goes Smart Sensuality. Designer Acne Jonny Johansson understands the mindset of a woman who wears the pants, and not vice versa. 

Yesterday, I wrote a blurb Dramatic Silences, about the power of no sound, in a musical moment. Here you see it in fashion.

If you read the next article on Versace, I explain all these terms. Also read my bio for more trend talk.