Serena Williams Became 'One of the Guys' at US Open

The great tennis story of the US Open could be an amazing performance by come-back new mom Kim Clijsters, who decisively outplayed second-seeded Serena Williams in their semifinal match. Unfortunately, Clijsters doesn’t have the triumph she deserves, with all the focus on Serena Williams, who ended the match with her unsportsmanship behavior.

Tennis buffs are faulting many events from yesterday from scheduling to playing in the endless rain. 

All reports agree that Clijsters outplayed Serena Williams, eclipsing Serena’s dominating style.

The first penalty against Serena came when she threw down her racket, after losing the first set.

Clijsters held serve at love to go up 6-5 in the second, and as Williams served in the 12th game to try to force a tiebreaker, Williams hit a backhand into the net to go down 15-30. On her ensuing second serve, she was called for the foot fault to make it 15-40 - double match point. via NYDaily News

Serena unleashed a torrest of abusive language on the lineswoman, “I swear to God, I’ll f —- take this ball and shove it down your f — - throat. “

The lineswoman got chair umpire Louise Engzell, reporting what happened. Engzell and Brian Earley, the tournament referee, walked out onto the court, where Serena denied threatening the judge.

With the second code violation, Earley informed Williams that she would be assessed a point penalty. A match-point penalty. She got no slack for a call that replays showed was clearly wrong. via Daily News

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