Sudanaese Police Chief Accuses Arman of 'Dishonoring' POP

Yasir Arman, joint secretary general of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) (AFP)The Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) accused the dominant National Congress Party (NCP) of standing behind moves to strip its (SPLM) deputy Secretary General Yasir Arman of his immunity as a parliament member.

General Arman is accused of dishonoring the Public Order Police (POP) in his comments around the Lubna Ahmed Hussein case. Arman accused POP of “taking advantage of the women they arrest and bargain with them for their honor and exploit their fear from their families”. (via Sudan Tribune)

This same charge was reported by the Telegraph UK last weekend, prompting me to write Lubna Dares the ‘Tyrants of a False Islam’ to Flog Her, Leaving Me Confused about the Truth of the Matter.

The chief of Sudanese police Brigadier Hashim Osman Al-Hussein vowed that they will “deal swiftly” with Arman “to retain the right of police squandered by these accusations”.

The 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) made the NCP the ruling party in the North and the SPLM the ruling party in the South. Under the agreement the South is exempt from the application of Islamic Shari’a law.