Sensual Delight, Mind-Bending Web Discovery:

I’m discovering so many great websites these days, that we can’t call them all out anymore. We add to links and give you more wonderful reading. The most recent Alexa stats for Anne of Carversville time spent on site is running 81 minutes. Thank you. (Note: I have a female nurturing instinct, so I keep you here at home, whereas the rule is to spend you into cyberspace and hope you find your way back to me.)

Socotra, in the Indian Ocean off YemenJust now, I wrote a AC Nature post about Socotra, which I discovered via Dark Roasted Blend, on I remain speechless over this place. (See Do Lessons of Modern-Day Biomimicry Lie Breathing & Blooming in Socotra?)

Besotted with Dark Roasted Blend, I took the time for a mini tour and landed right back in Yemen with The Walled Cities: Keeping Out the Joneses. The assemblage of photos and concepts on Dark Roasted Blend is orgasmic foreplay for our brains.

Better yet, it may be the real deal, with no downside except that you forget everything else you were supposed to do today.

Walled City of Shibam, Yemen - more info and imagesI’m in awe and sensual excitement of this site, and probably the last person on earth to know about it. Clearly, it’s a heavy-traffic site, based on its rank.

Dark Roasted Blend is the Internet at its best … a discovery pleasure zone. You will find it in Cultural Creative & Nature Archives and also on my personal journal page. Bravo! Anne