What's Next for Vicki Kennedy?

Victoria Reggie Kennedy’s star shone brightly in week the world buried Ted KennedySoulmate is a terms tossed around loosely in today’s world. An American concept, the priority of finding a soulmate partner or spouse has become deeply entrenched among the young and now Europe as well. Finding a soulmate is the antithesis of an arranged marriage based on pragmatic family strategies. The jury is out on which is creates a better union — arranged marriages or soulmate marriages. Perhaps a hybrid is in the works.

Romance worked its magic in the life of Senator Ted Kennedy, when he met Victoria Reggie. The world met an extraordinary woman last week, a true soulmate to Ted Kennedy, but also a woman of great strength, warmth and composure.

We want to know what’s next for Vicki Kennedy. How can we not lose someone who has so captivated our imaginations and our heart. The Sydney Morning Herald shares an international perspective on Vicki Kennedy, while Politico speculates openly on “what’s next” in her life.