Dr. Peggy Scott: Fashion and Faith Can Coexist

Anne here, intrigued with this article written about Peggy Scott Ministries and Scott as senior founding pastor of Fellowship Around the World Church. She was June covergirl for Coverings magazine, a publication that melds fashion and faith. (Credit: coveringsmagazine.com)

Dr. Peggy Scott says that a love of fashion and faith can coexist in the same woman.Skimming quickly, it seems that Dr. Scott and I may be in sympatico — and if we aren’t, you should read her article anyway.

With all our talk of bodies and burqas, Dr. Peggy Scott has a Christian point of view, lodged in a deep faith and also love of style, individuality and self.

The question of “self” is emerging in my own study of women and the world’s religions, as a stumbling block between religions that encourage self-identity and those who say our only purpose is to serve God or Allah. (I imagine I’m in big trouble with Muslims putting God and Allah in the same sentence. But I don’t know how else to express myself to all our readers.)

The choice of the name “Coverings” for a magazine has nothing to do with burqas, according to Paulette Black, publisher and editor. Black chose the name because the subject matter is broad at Coverings, covering the delicate balance between femininity and faith.

I love strange twists of fate in life and will follow up personally with Dr. Scott and Paulette Black. Perhaps they can become a contributors at Anne of Carversville. I would love that! A