Hillary Clinton's 11-Day Trip Targets African Hot Spots

Secretary of State Clinton will visit Kenya, Somalia, South Africa, Angola, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo on her trip. The challenges of Islam extremists will be a core topic of discussion in Africa.

Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson SirleafIn Liberia, which is recovering from 20 years of civil strife, Mrs. Clinton will show U.S. support for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the only female African president. Johnson, 66 and called the “Iron Lady”, is putting her country back together after a 14-year civil war that left the capital Monrovia in near ruins.

Mrs. Clinton’s last stop will be Cape Verde, a group of nine small islands off Senegal with a population of less than half a million that is often hailed as a success story for African democracy despite its lack of natural resources.