It Takes Guts To Dominate Any Game; The Williams Sisters Spell the Word With a Capital "G"

Today’s Wall Street Journal digs deep into the success of the Williams sisters, ready to break game at the US Open, beginning Monday.

Venus and Serena WilliamsMost of the article is focused on how Serena and Venus have rededicated themselves to the game. Gone for now is talk of a fashion career. Instead the sisters are stronger, faster and more focused, as they enter late middle age by tennis standards.

On paper, the Williams sisters don’t register as the strongest players. As of Aug. 24, they topped only three of the 10 major statistics in the game.

Lately, that hasn’t stopped them from crushing the competition at Grand Slams. “There are certain athletes that are superior but then you also have to have the mind and the heart and the guts,” said Billie Jean King, the former champion, who has been a mentor to the sisters since they were preteens. “Right now, these girls have all of that.”