Imogen Heap Sits Musically on Top of It with "Ellipse"

Imogen Heap creates “Ellipse”I’m beginning to think Anne of Carversville is more British than American some days. Yet I found 31-year-old Imogen Heap on the WSJ, so I’m trying to walk the “new old capitalism” line, even if I do continuously end up across the pond.

Unlike WSJ rock and pop critic Jim Fusilli, I haven’t followed the birthing of “Elipse” on Twitter. Artist Heap has an interesting quote about her relationship with fans on Twitter and YouTube, while working on “Eclipse”: “I needed to know people were there and waiting for it,” she said. “Tweeting and YouTubing made me feel like I was taking steps forward. The other thing is, I don’t have a boyfriend. Now I’m on my own, rattling around the house. Twittering became a surrogate boyfriend. I was worried that it would dispel the magic, but it didn’t.”

Listen in Canvas, from “Ellipse” - Imogen Heap

The artist creates every sound in this collection.

One of the YouTubers wrote: Wow. Why haven’t I heard of Imogen before now?!?!?! She’s amazing.

My sentiments exactly. Anne