Climate Camp Pitches London Tents Against Carbon Trading

Environmental activists from the Climate Camp have launched their first action in London, setting up camp on Blackheath common in the south-east of London, occupying the entrance to the Climate Exchange on Bishopsgate.

Activists from the Camp for Climate Action setup an impromptu casino within the front gates of the European Climate Exchange at Bishopsgate, London. Photograph: Amy Scaife/PAIn a snub against wealthy traders, the protestors unrolled a Climate Change Casino board along with fake banknotes and over-sized playing cards in the columned entrance gate to the exchange’s courtyard.

Activists — and many regular types — believe that carbon trading is just another way to avoid taking direct environmental action. Up to 2,000 people are expected at Climate Camp over the weekend, exhancing information and learning protest techniques for the future.

The carbon exchange closes on Tues. After reading that in 2008 the average barrel of oil was traded 27 or so times (adding absolutely no value to the oil but putting it over $4 at the pump), one wonders about the financial structure of carbon trading. Anne