Do Female High Fliers Have a Hormonal Advantage?

We reported last week on the new study suggesting that women with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to be risk takers.

The study also showed that differences in testosterone levels could affect decisions not just about finances but career choices too.

Science is positioning us in interesting conversations in the nature vs nurture debate. Thinking people understand that neither operates independently of the other.

It’s noteworthy, that followup articles never “celebrate” interesting gender-based finds in biology.

This BBC article: Can hormones explain high fliers? is a thoughtful summary of responses to the new research.

I just had a radical thought. Michelle-Style is mired down again today in the black hair conversation. See Black Hair Is Back on the Nation’s Radar. Try It; You’ll Like it.

Hmmm, I said to myself. I wonder if African American women have more testosterone. In 15 seconds Google answered my question, and you know it.

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