When It Comes to Faberge-Quality Caviar, Go South Young Man

In a top secret slip of important Russian KGB intelligence, a Russian who knows revealed that Uruguay is the best place in the world to raise sturgeon for their roe. As excessive consumption and severe pollution threaten the viability of Ossetra caviar from Russia, farming caviar in Uruguay seems like a worthy investment.

Ossetra caviar via WSJ MagazineTwenty years later, Uruguayan businessman Walter Alcade has created the Fabergé of edible fish eggs, from the world’s only southern hemisphere sturgeon farm, which caught the attention of Ben Ford, the chef and owner of Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City, California. (Ford states that his mission is to be a professor of food craft, teaching his diners to appreciate the specific sources of ingredients.) “I was floored when I first tasted the product,” Ford says. “The flavor is so clean.”