September Fashion Mags Undergo Liposuction

No one is surprised that September’s fashion mags are about a third slimmer than last year’s. Even the star blockbuster American Vogue’s ad pages tumbled 36%. Last year’s 840 page September Vogue carried 727 pages of ads.

The Wall Street Journal’s article Thick Fashion Magazines Are So Last Year investigates the realm of new marketing options, besides print ads, for today’s brands.

Sept 2009 ad pages in fashion mags are down about 30%While we focus on new marketing methods, could I suggest that perhaps the McKinsey consultants trying to reposition Conde Nast for the 21st century should spend a bit of time questioning a customer relationship strategy that gives readers one page of editorial content for eight pages of ads.

Granted, some fashion ads are glossy photographic reading, but expecting people to pay for a giant advertorial is what’s feeling very yesterday.

In the challenging world of free digital content and social networking experience, people expect something of value for their dollars. Bottom line, an economic recovery may not give Vogue an ad piggy next September either. Anne