Major Backlash Over Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's Healthcare Column

Reading Huff Po, I see that I’m not the only person surprised over John Mackey’s libertarian plea that the government should not be involved in healthcare. Mackey’s op ed piece is attached to our Wendall Potter Takes an Insider’s Look at America’s Healthcare Insurance Industry article.

After reading Mackey’s column, I did more researching, learning about his staunchly liberterarian beliefs. Within that context, his position on healthcare makes sense.

It should be noted that Whole Foods probably has one of the most progressive employee benefit health plans in the country. Would the majority of CEOs offer the Whole Foods plan to employees? Never.

Just as liberals are erupting against Obma, wondering exactly what’s going on with his talk vs. his walk, Mackey’s Whole Foods is getting butchered in the blogosphere, for suggesting that government shouldn’t intervene to solve America’s healthcare crisis. Anne