Liberals Will Revolt Without Public Healthcare Option

In diluting healthcare reform to court conservatives, Team Obama is edging towards blowing up the whole ship. Politico reports this am, that a bill with no public option won’t pass the liberal caucus. The growing deadlock on health care suggests that there may be no bill this year. via Politico

Team Obama has a lot to lose in this debate. Not only are we observing just how difficult it is to pass transformational health care legislation. President Obama is seriously messing with the level of trust that people have placed in him, not to cave on all his campaign principles.

Healthcare is serious business on multiple fronts. We’re compelled to ask: given Wal-Mart’s support of health care reform, what do they think? Five years ago, they were the last people we would consult on reform of anything. Today they seem to have a corporate grasp of key challenges faced by Team Obama.