RAM Goes Urban, Using LA Sports Arena as 'Health Clinic' for Uninsured Americans

Healthcare came to LA this week, in a health clinic created on the former Los Angeles Lakers basketball court.

Hundreds were turned away just on Tuesday, the first day of a weeklong clinic run by the nonprofit Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corp as part of its mission to provide free health, dental and eye care in needy spots around the world.

Maxime Waters at RAM’s LA health clinic in former LA Lakers stadium, Aug 2009This marks the first time that apolitical RAM has gone to an urban location. RAM founder Stan Brock says he’s steering clear of the political debate on health care that’s gripping the country.

However the 8,000, uninsured people expected to seek RAM healthcare in LA this week, create a similar situation to former Cigna-healthcare PR executive Wendell Potters’s ephiphany of seeing uninsured healthcare dispensed courtside in rural areas near his Appalachian hometown.via Reuters