The Price of Candor and the Smallest Dose of American Humility

Hillary is in the ditch again, over her remarks in Nigeria that America’s elections aren’t always without flaws. Specifically, Secretary of State Clinton cites the Gore/Bush election and electoral confusion in florida.

The London Times says Mrs. Clinton will be in hot water back home. She is.

State department insiders defend Hillary’s remarks, saying that she has leaned heavily on African governments all week — even when they warned her in advance that they didn’t need a lecture on democracy.

ABC News reports: “This has been a consistent message she has delivered to countries who are struggling in Africa, that they have to strengthen their electoral processes and form independent electoral commissions, but most importantly the candidates themselves have to accept the results rather than resort to violence,” he (Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs P.J. Crowley) told reporters.

Note: the AP is running a very positive trip recap, in terms of Africa’s response to Hillary. Before everyone whips the woman to death as anti-American, the Africans do have a few assets that America wants. Diplomacy is a two-way street.  

Perhaps a little humility on our side isn’t a totally bad thing, especially if the Secy is delivering tough talk that no one wants to hear from her. And that’s before we have the “woman thing” in Africa. Look how big it is in America. I can’t imagine what those African guys say behind her back. 

Maybe German Chancellor Merkel can weigh in on this matter. Anne