Since We're in the Mood, Shall We Dance?

via Intelligent Life

Be My Dancer, launched in Berlin, is an agency of ‘taxi drivers’, known for gliding partners around the dance floor with the competence of a London taxi driver.

Historically, taxi dancers were at their apex in 1920s and 30s in Berlin and elsewhere in the world. The Eonomist’s Intelligent Life magazine says that Hollywood film director Billy Wilder was a taxi dancer, joining the ranks of the many ladies who haven’t been dipped in a while, and the men wouldn’t mind doing more dipping.

“This is not an escort service”, says Roland Waizenegger, the founder and manager of Be my dancer. “We are not gigolos, which is highly appreciated by our customers.” Advertising is all word-of-mouth, and most new clients buy the starter package of €40 for two hours of dancing. via Intelligent Life