Redtracker Feature: It's Williams vs Williams in Wimbledon Final

Here we go. The Williams sisters are in their fourth facedown in the Wimbledon finals. Venus Williams just made tennis mincemeat of world No 1 women’s seed Dinara Safina.

The Telegraph UK writes:The world’s leading player was so lacking in belief, resolution and concentration that it was a miracle she had remembered to bring her rackets with her on to the court.

She need not have bothered, for if her implements made contact with the ball it was only to send it extravagantly long or wide, or limply into the net.

Calling the sexy, stylish and very sensible Williams sisters Smart Sensuality women seems like a no brainer. Yet, I know nothing about their charity work.

Venus works with UNESCO via her relationship with Sony Ericcson. This is an impactful public service message about women’s development around the word.

UNESCO COMMERCIAL with Tatiana Golovin and Venus Williams

The Serena Williams Foundation is focused on education, and helping children who cannot afford to go to school or college to do so.

Back to the sexy part of the Williams sisters, the duo were not offended after last week’s Wimbledon bouhaha over Michael Stich’s comments that the role of women players at Wimbledon is as much about ‘selling sex’ on court as it is about their sporting prowess.

via Sexy futuresAs reported on Sexy Futures, Serena said about the remark: ‘Sex sells! It’s gfreat for Angelina Jolie and it’s true across the board.’ Unlike Harriet Foxwell, of the Women’s Sport and fitness Foundation, the Williams sisters don’t seem intent on eliminating ‘sexy’ from the game. A