Young and Old Flock to Ashrams

via NYTimesIn what can only be described as a throwback to the late sixties/early seventies, ashrams are in the news. Some visitors come only for an occasional weekend, while others are checking in for a long stay.

Partially due to the rise of American joblessness, and also as an alternative lifestyle, people of every age are seeking a revitalizing ashram experience in much greater numbers. Several ashrams told the NYTimes their applications have doubled in a year.

Beyond the deep spiritual study and contemplation which is part of any ashram visit, most participants do work in exhange for cheaper lodgings.

One doesn’t know how much of this Cultural Creative experience is income-based and how much by a shift in human values. As part of a program at the Himalayan Institute, one worked told the NYTimes: “At Intel, I was helping the owner get a new yacht,” he said. “Here. I’m part of something that actually makes a difference.”