Leaving Soon for India, Hillary Cinton Outlines America's 'Smart Power' Goals

Seceretary of State Hillary Clinton made her American foreign policy speech yesterday, at the Council on foreign Relations, using her theme ‘Smart Power’.

Politico describes special envoys Richard Holbrooke and George Mitchell as ‘seated at her feet.’ I assume this is just a metaphor broadcasting the message the Clinton was determined to tell the world that she’s the Smart Sensuality woman in charge of America’s foreign policy. With her boss Barack Obama, of course.

Clinton: India has a growing responsibility in world affairs

Many people are watching the two of them these days. For all POTUS’s talk about empowerment, we’re not sure the word applies to Clinton.  The Smart Sensuality Secretary of State will head to India this weekend. Stay tuned, observe, learn.

Theoretically, Hillary knows how to play with the big boys. We hope so, Hillary, that’s why I didn’t put you in HopeTracker. You’re supposed to be signed, sealed and delivers, when it comes to holding your own on the playing field. A