Two New York State Blonds May Not Have More Fun Come Autumn

Is the battle of the blonds heating up in New York State?

via The Daily BeastMany New Yorkers believe that Carolyn Maloney, in her ninth term representing New York’s 14th District, had every right to be furious that she, rather than Kirsten Gillibrand, should have filled Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s vacant senate seat.

The question now is whether Maloney will challenge Gillibrand in the Democratic primary. The Daily Beast’s Andrew Tobias says ‘no, no, no’, after making a strong case that Maloney was absolutely overlooked by new Governor David Paterson, who has his own slate of problems.

Remember, the rule for women in politics is ‘pay your dues’, support the party, your turn will come. (Are those rules in Sarah Palin’s playbook?)

“Carolyn,” writes Tobias, “It’s about money, honey. The party doesn’t have $40 million — NOT to turn a red seat blue, but simply to decide which of two progressive Democratic women gets to be senator.