Did POTUS Put Hillary Clinton Out to Pasture?

The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown had plenty to say yesterday about our Secretary of State: It’s time for Barack Obama to let Hillary Clinton take off her burqa. I, too, find Hillary’s absence in Moscow astounding.

Sorry, the West Wing could have organized physical therapy for her elbow. I flew in a private plane 18 days after hip surgery. Read Anne’s POTUS! For Crying Out Loud! The Whole World Is Watching! Behave Yourself!

Many women are wondering just what’s up with the Obama Administration and strong women. The First Lady was reduced to a spouse last week, after her spectacular April trip. Hillary’s left in Foggy Bottom when POTUS speaks to the Russians. Obama embraces burqas, which has me reeling; I admit it. (Note: we have a serious conversation going on about burqas at Anne of Carversville. I’m listening right now, inviting Muslim women to tell their stories. This is a complex topic for me; I admit it. ) Read Tina Brown’s Obama’s Other Wife.