Redtracker Feature: 'Unemployed Cowgirl' Sandra Day O'Connor Kicks Off Aspen Ideas Festival

Politico writes that Sandra Day O’Connor headlined last night’s opening reception of the Aspen Ideas Festival, calling herself an ‘unemployed cowgirl’.

It appears that former and sorely-missed Supreme Court Justice O’Connor enjoys being out of work, at least when she can play golf for the Special Olympics.

I don’t know that O’Connor is a Smart Sensuality woman, but she highlights our issues and concerns brilliantly.

Back to Aspen, where the Aspen Ideas Festival is called Washington West. Perhaps it’s TED II, although I’m not certain which convocation of great minds came first. TED seems more diverse, in terms of speakers.

The website Aspen Ideas website features video of O’Connor joining Harvard Law School professor and Michelle Obama mentor Charles J. Ogeltree and bishop T.D. Jakes in a discussion on challenges in America’s criminal justice system.

Log on to learn from the large number of topics and issues being discussed in Aspen this week. Anne