Clairol Perfect 10 Research May Confirm Dove's: British (and American) Women Believe They Reach 'Ideal' Beauty Decades Ahead of Other Countries

Anne here, hunting for the press release behind the Clairol Perfect 10 research about women and happiness. The British press is reporting the survey of 4,000 women without stipulating the nationality of women researched. No word in the American press yet.

Dove has verified in extensive research of women around the world that American and British women believe that a woman’s age of “ideal” beauty is much younger than women in other countries.

Dove (Campaign for Ideal Beauty) asked the question ‘what is the age of ideal beauty’? By country responses to the answer ‘twenties’ were:

USA 48%; GBR 41%; FRA 11%; ITA 16%; BRA 18%.

Conversely, by country responses to the answer ‘forties” were:

USA 12%; GBR 22%; FRA 39%; ITA 38%; BRA31%.

Simply stated, American women believe that we reach the age of ‘ideal’ beauty before 30. We are ALONE in that belief among women around the world. The British women aren’t far behind us, and both groups have a staggeringly different self-perception than French, Italian and Brazilian women. Anne