Learning How to 'Go Green" with Mother Nature Network

End of Feb. I wrote a feature on a reborn Captain Planet joining Mother Nature Network, with hopes of inspiring us to “Go Green”.

This morning I landed again on Mother Nature Network and want to call her out, as an impressive, stylish Cultural Creative source of info on ways to “Go Green” in our lives. Many stories are “how to” but also creative and mind-bending, like this gem Scientists unveil chocolate-fueled race car.

Caring-with-action about Mother Earth requires us to reorient a lot of our thinking and basic life assumptions. Cultural Creative stories like the chocolate-fueled race car not only make us smile, but challenge us to “Think Different”. (Thanks Apple.

)Race cars are Modern and sexy. We don’t think of them as being environmentally-friendly.

Mother Nature Network isn’t preachy either. Learning how to become more conscious about Green is a major challenge at self-education for time-pressed people. Mother Nature Network is one of many excellent web portals showing us the way. A