Redtracker: Carla Bruni Delivers Scathing Attack to Pope's Position on Contraception in Africa

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In criticising the Catholic Church’s approach to contraception in Africa, Carla Bruni made it personal, saying that the Church’s stand on contraception has allowed her Catholic faith to lapse.

The London Telegraph reports that France’s First Lady said that the Church’s teachings have left her “profoundly secular”.

Bruni accused the Pope of “damaging” countries in Africa. Her comments appear on the French website Femme Actuelle,in a photo with Sarkozy.

It’s inconceivable that the “smart part” of Smart Sensuality Carla Bruni made such comments, without considering the consequences in Catholic France or for her husband.

Predominantly Catholic France — much like Italy — displays a “hear no evil; see no evil” mindset, when it comes to reconciling their own national policies and personal beliefs with the positions of the Catholic church.

I will watch the fallout over this interview. A