Redtracker: Slow Advancement -- but Progress Nevertheless - for Women in Muslim Countries

The Christian Monitor’s An unseen burqa revolution reminds us that it’s important to keep the entire story about women’s rights in Muslim countries front and center.

The Taliban may be burning girl’s schools in Pakistan, but two Palestinian women in the West Bank appear to be the first female sharia judges in the Middle East. We do not know how they will apply justice in women’s cases.

Freedom House, tracking liberties around the world, has just published a five-year review Women’s Rights in the Middle East and North Africa.

A core value of Smart Sensuality women is our concern for people around the world, with a particular focus on women and children.

Inspired by Queen Rania, Queen Noor and First Lady Michelle Obama, Smart Sensuality women believe we must be more involved in the international community, where American women have been noticeably absent, based on my anecdotal review over the years.

Given our financial and educational resources, American women are minor players, compared to European women, working in tandem with a global network of activists, entrepreneurs and NGO leaders to improve the lives of women and children in every country.

We must translate our concern into action, combining activism with being our sensually-aware, stylish selves. If we look to our own role models, we will create a new path for American women. It’s time to join the global party. Anne