Disneynature Premieres "Earth" on Earth Day, April 22

Disney was an early producer of films about nature, launching “True Life Adventures” in the 1940s through the 1960s.

Inspired by the financial success of films like “March of the Penguins”, the newly-formed Disneynature will premier its first film “Earth” on Wednesday April 22, Earth Day.

The idea, says Jean-Francois Camilleri, executive vice president and general manager of Disneynature, is to release one Disneynature film a year — Oceans in 2010, Naked Beauty: A Love Story that Feeds the Earth (about insects and animals that pollinate) in two years, African cats in three years, chimpanzees in 2013.

Disneynature has teamed up with the BBC, Discovery and Greenlight Media in bringing 2000 days of filming nature to movie screens, in footage never shown in movie theaters.