You Tube's "The Internet Symphony" Global Mash Up

An amazing event is happening tonight in New York City’s Carnegie Hall. Tan Dun’s composition “Internet Symphony, Eroica” will make its world premier, with nearly 100 musicians from around the world, playing under the direction of San Francisco Symphony music director and You tube artistic adviser Michael Tilson Thomas.

You Tube held a contest that allowed anyone, living anywhere in the world, to upload a clip of themselves playing.

Selection in the orchestra is the result of a popular vote. Over 3,000 users posted audition videos, with 200 finalists selected for YouTube viewing.

The next video is an interview with Tan Dun, creator of “Internet Symphony, Eroica”, making its premier at Carnegie Hall this evening. Dun expresses important insights about the future of classical music and the entire concept of Internet collaboration. Enjoy. Anne

Interview: Tan Dun on the YouTube Symphony Project