In Residence: LA's Stylish Pailhouse• Holloway Hotel

The more I think about trends in our nomadic society, I will be reformatting our Home Channel to focus on ‘shelter’, the places we go, and the roofs over our heads. As unromantic as it sounds, for many people, ‘home’ is where we put our heads on the pillow at night.

Hotel as home, or pied-a-terre, is the message behind LA’s new boutique Hotel Palihouse•Holloway, a luxury long-stay lodging brand that celebrates the best of home and hospitality. Knowing your new neighborhood seems to be a priority at the Pailhouse Hotels. Neighborhood residents are encouraged to ‘hang out’ at Pailhouse, just as travelers are encouraged to go hiking at Runyon Canyon.

The Hall Courtyard Brasserie combines classic New York with French bistro: white tiles, round bar tables, dark woods and a French-California fusion menu: try truffle chicken, cote du boeuf and smoked wild salmon terrine. The outdoor dining courtyard is lovely, and there’s also a cool oyster and espresso bar for daytime dining or drinks.

The Bar at the Lounge has live DJs at weekends spinning a laid-back soundtrack of eclectic lounge music; order yourself a Writer’s Block cocktail (or a couple of beers) and kick back for a few hours. You can also have drinks at the French-flavoured Hall bar - anyone for Pastis?

And if, like so many weary women, you just want to sink into the quiet luxury of ‘home’ and talk to no one, well, that’s your prerogative, too. Just relax and enjoy your stay.The staff at Palihouse•Holloway assures me that they’ve got you covered. A