Redtracker: Smart Sensuality Intergalactic Chic: A Good Girl or Bad One

Balmain, Fall 2009The NYTimes reports that some Paris designers are up to their batwings in “some kind of mid-20th-century sci-fi futurism that had its genesis in the depression years.”

As a Smart Sensuality woman, I’m intrigued.

Watching the movie “Watchmen” Friday night, I was glued to second-generation superhero Laurie (played by Malin Akerman, “who sensibly accessorize their shoulder-padded leotards with garter belts and high-heeled boots.”

Laurie is a kick-ass, fierce, fearless kind of woman, yet one with a soft heart. She’s a good girl, a Smart Sensuality woman, and I want to be like her … saving the world.

In the gym yesterday, I did extra big side lunges, swinging the weight in my arm extra high. I loved the image, the Michelle Obama muscles rippling in my arm.

Yet there’s a blemish on this Powerful Woman script.

I only partially viewed “Watchmen” Friday night. My eyes were closed for one-third of the movie. I’m not squemish, per se, but I couldn’t bear the violence. There was no escape, because I heard the bones breaking, when I eliminated the visual references.

So is Laurie a good girl or a bad one? Granted, she’s sexy, strong and seems to have a good heart.But she still kills people … she, too, takes their heads and savagely throws them against prison walls.

We have here the proverbial question, one expressed by pacifists for years, one that threatens to end the world still. Violence begets violence. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Yet … we must fight. And the beat goes on. Anne