Redtracker: From Helen Reddy to Riot Grrrl to Ladyhawke -- Moving Backwards to the Same 'Ol Tune

News and media features are always point/counterpoint, frequently within a few moments of each other.

Guardian UK’s Laura Barton writes about the nineties Riot Grrrl scene, bringing feminism to alternative rock.

Nadine Monem, editor of the book Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now! reflects. “This is the real product of Riot Grrrl: women making things for themselves and for each other. It turned smart girls bold.”

Cruising next over to Lipster, I discover that Ladyhawke is dominating what little bit of shopping is happening in the shops on London’s High Street.

I tune in to Ladyhawke on YouTube, and find — not the inspiring words of strong, independent women, but the same ‘ol same ‘ol … girls behind the wheel, cruisin’ along life’s highway, wondering when their guy will finally decide to love them.

Some life lyrics never change. 

Are these the words of a Michelle Obama or Helen Reddy song? I think not.

Why are women still so ambivalent, when it comes to men ? Guys seek confidence, not “please, please love me” girls.

For all our big talk and expanding dominance of the workplace, are we still subconsciously looking for men to take care of us? Do we continue to want “it” both ways. I hope not.  Anne

Followup: Salon’s Rebecca Traister weighs in on the same subject, and the media’s role in igniting editorial attention around “empty-headed” topics, like Dating a Banker Anonymous.