Without a Smart Sensuality Perspective, 'What Matters' Remains a Good Online Read

Taken at face value, Smart Sensuality women are sorely under-represented as futurist thinkers on McKinsey&Company’s new website What Matters.

In fact, women of every type and persuasion are under-represented on What Matters, at a time when even the big guys at Davos believe that women’s viewpoints and insights are critical for getting us out of our current global mess.

Having just posted a very popular Davos slide presentation on women being the biggest ‘hope’ for solutions in tomorrow’s world, perhaps ‘Girls’ should be a category at What Matters.

My note of disappointment that women comprise such a small percentage of contributors on What Matters, doesn’t overshadow my compliments to McKinsey & Company for launching this website.

What Matters takes the critical issues of our time and pulls together an easy forum for thinking people to study and consider these topics online.

We need more websites like this one, for thinking people. Enjoy the read. A