Redtracker: Cougars Have Smarter Kids; Older Fathers . . . Well, the News Isn't So Good

It pains me to repeat what I know to be true, and what NYMag affirmed yesterday in This Old Sperm: Science comes down on the side of the cougar.

Last week, I wrote on Sexy Futures about my recent interviews with men about dating older women vs. younger ones. The men who wanted to talk with me (granted, not a scientific sample) had plenty to say about younger women and lack of ‘grey matter’, in bed and out.

Science is also weighing in the side of the older woman, when it comes to reproduction. A lot of myth bashing is happening, when it comes to every aspect of older women.

In an analysis of 50,000 pregnant women, the journal PLoS Medicine reached a ‘stunning conclusion’: not only do older fathers have dumber kids (tell that to the Donald), but older women have smarter ones.

Ah, MILFS just got a whole lot yummier. I love it. And the beat goes on … Anne